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Thermal Desorption

Everything you need to know about Thermal Desorption Units (TDU)

Innovative reclamation technologies are changing the way oil refineries process materials without onsite disposal or incineration. Thermal Desorption...

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How do decanter centrifuges assist with oil reclamation?

Decanter centrifuges play a big role in the oil reclamation process, a process that refineries often follow to efficiently manage their oil-bearing...

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Top 4 Metals Reclaimed Via Thermal Desorption

When it comes to reclaiming metals, thermal desorption is the way to go. Processing spent catalysts in thermal desorption units (TDU) separates and...

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Benefits of using thermal desorption for tank slurry recycling

The oil production and petroleum refining industries generate a large amount of sludge and tank bottom material as waste. Considering that the...

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Benefits of using thermal desorption to process spent catalyst

Spent catalyst recycling through thermal desorption offers users in the petrochemical industry a cost-effective and more environmentally friendly...

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Thermal Desorption

Thermal desorption is one of many methods used to clean materials that have been contaminated with hazardous chemicals. Due to its benefits, this...

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Can Thermal Desorption Recycle Catalysts and Reclaim Metals?

Each year millions of tons of industrial and petrochemical material are generated from the production of fuels, lubricants, and household items we...

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Have you planned the recycling of your hydroprocessing catalysts?

As time passes, refineries need to plan their catalyst change outs. The increased demand can lead to delays in production, which puts pressure on...

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