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The Amlon Group is uniquely placed to meet the individualized waste management needs of diverse industries across the country.

Our facilities are expertly equipped to help your company best manage its waste in both cost effective and environmentally compliant methods. We are committed to meet the complex and varied needs of your company and to offer efficient and safe waste solutions. 


Sectors We Support

The Amlon Group is your full-service partner. Across sectors, from refineries to manufacturing, we offer full end-to-end service for your industry's material waste needs. Our facilities are expertly equipped to help your company in both cost-effective and environmentally compliant methods. We are committed to meeting your individual and varied needs and offering efficient and safe waste management solutions. 

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    The intensive processing demands of the oil industry often create challenging waste management systems for companies. 

    Through our innovative technologies, we are not only able to ensure the safe disposal of oil by-products but can extract reusable materials from them.

    Using a wide range of specialized equipment, including indirect Thermal Desorption Units, Shaker Systems, and centrifuges, our state-of-the-art facility is able to separate out oil-bearing materials and transform them into reclaimable assets, renewable energy, and non-hazardous solids.

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    The Manufacturing sector is diverse and broad, encompassing industries ranging from automotive to food production. We all depend on the creation of goods to better our lives on a daily basis. Sadly, across this broad lens, as productivity increases so does needless waste.

    The Amlon Group has targeted solutions for your industry’s waste treatment through safe disposal, recycling, and reclaiming. We want to help you and your company to handle your waste ​​in a responsible and compliant manner; for you and for our planet.

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    Disposing of chemical wastes is not only very challenging in the best case, but is also a highly regulated operation. Chemical waste comes out of many productions across manufacturing industries.

    The Amlon Group is ready to help you to manage your chemical waste stream and support your specific needs. Our expert and highly skilled team is committed to helping you to treat your hazardous and non hazardous waste safely and effectively.

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    Syngas is primarily a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen which form the building blocks of almost all plastic packaging materials. Metals and minerals are melted down, and the organic materials are then converted into syngas. 

    Syngas can easily be made from unsorted mixtures of plastic packaging waste through the process of gasification. Also, like wood and petroleum, syngas can be used as fuel to produce energy. Unlike other fuels, when used for energy, syngas is remarkably clean.

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    Medical Waste

    New services we offer are Biohazardous Waste, Sharps Management, Compliance Services, Hazardous Waste Management, Pathological Waste and Pharmaceutical Waste

We can analyze and evaluate samples to determine recycling viability before creating a logistical plan for material recovery in an efficient and economical manner.


How The Amlon Group Can Help

Our full-service firm will remove, haul, and responsibly manage waste materials, no matter where your company is in the world.


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Our top priority is safeguarding our employees, customers, partners, and the environment. We continually train to prevent unsafe conditions and hold each other accountable. 


Transparent, proactive communication is at the heart of our customer service and what makes our operations successful.


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We focus on building trust-based relationships and establishing win-win partnerships through engagement, excellence, ethics


We’re committed to having socially responsible practices that exceed environmental standards and help our clients meet their goals.


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