We handle your hazardous & non-hazardous materials

The Amlon Group's specialized facilities enable the recycling and reusing of a vast array of materials, both hazardous and non-hazardous. Including earth, liquid, and heavy metals and oxides. We can accept a broad and diverse range of materials for environmentally safe processing; keeping them out of waterways and landfills. 

Explore the breakdown of all waste materials we handle below and reach out to receive all necessary support for your specific materials.


The Metals We Process

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide the capacity to process and reclaim an extensive range of materials, from metal to non-metal, from halogens to actinides.

Please contact us directly with any additional questions about your specific recycling and material recovery needs.


Hazardous Materials We Manage

Managing the K-waste generated by various industry and manufacturing sectors can pose specific challenges and complications. The Amlon Group helps you understand your individual needs and finds immediate solutions for the clean and effective disposal of industrial hazardous waste streams.


Trust us with your oil and oil-bearing materials

At The Amlon Group, we help refineries increase sustainability and divert landfill waste. We provide sustainable and comprehensive treatment and efficient material recovery of oil and oil-bearing substances.

In our high-capacity facility, organic materials are separated into solids, clean oil catalysts, and water. In a challenging industry, The Amlon Group offers sustainable, Earth-friendly solutions to manage oil and oil-bearing waste streams.

We accept liquids, solids, sludge, and all container types. Our verified process produces non-hazardous materials and is contained in the largest thermal desorption and separation plant in the country.

Oil and Oil Bearing Materials


Giving Back to You and The Environment

The Amlon Group is your helper in managing and handling difficult materials both hazardous and non-hazardous. 

We help by offering an array of regulated, environmentally compliant options for recycling and recovering materials, or for disposing of challenging waste streams. We strive to meet the highest demands of our partners, our customers and our planet.



Scrap and Metal-Bearing Industrial Waste

Iron and steel can be found in industries from construction to transportation. Valuable and reusable metal can also be extracted from metal-bearing waste and transformed into new, usable products and materials. The Amlon Group provides you with environmentally sound recovery and recycling.  



Precious Grade Materials

Precious metals including palladium, platinum, and silver are often used in production and manufacturing across industries. Using proven, safe technologies, The Amlon Group will recover and refine these precious grade metals from waste byproducts and waste materials. 


Base Metals

Recovering base metals such as cobalt, copper, zinc, and nickel from industrial waste materials gives not only a new life and new use to these fully recyclable materials but also helps us to hold on to our precious resources. The Amlon Group will work with your specific needs to give a new life to your industrial waste.


How The Amlon Group Can Help

Our full-service firm will remove, haul, and responsibly manage waste materials, no matter where your company is in the world.


Working Today For Tomorrow's Environment


Our top priority is safeguarding our employees, customers, partners, and the environment. We continually train to prevent unsafe conditions and hold each other accountable. 


Transparent, proactive communication is at the heart of our customer service and what makes our operations successful.


Team Work

We focus on building trust-based relationships and establishing win-win partnerships through engagement, excellence, ethics


We’re committed to having socially responsible practices that exceed environmental standards and help our clients meet their goals.


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