Sustainability / ESG


Nurturing a culture of sustainability

At The Amlon Group our vision is to be a sustainability leader in our industry. We are uniquely positioned to advance our customer’s sustainability goals by treating, recycling and repurposing specialty waste.

Our sustainability approach is organized around four focus areas where we create value for our business and positive outcomes for our stakeholders - Innovative Solutions, Thriving Environment, Safe Workplaces and Inspired People.


Our ESG Focus Areas

Innovative Solutions

Help our customers solve their most pressing sustainability challenges

Thriving Environment

Reduce our environmental impacts

Safe Workplaces

Ensure our people return home unharmed every day

Inspiring People

Support the growth and development of our employees and communities

The Amlon Group’s commitment to providing cost-effective solutions to our customers with optimal environmental impact is achieved with our sustainability and ESG strategy.

Environmental Safety

What The Amlon Group's facility is capable of is unlike anything else in the region; reclaiming oil and catalyst more efficiently and effectively than any other methodology, treating solid materials with zero incineration, and recycling these materials in innovative and sustainable ways.

   More transparent materials management partnerships

   Reduced transportation and equipment rental costs

   Enhanced supply chain efficiency and management


How The Amlon Group Can Help

Our full-service firm will remove, haul, and responsibly manage waste materials, no matter where your company is in the world.


Working Today For Tomorrow's Environment


Our top priority is safeguarding our employees, customers, partners, and the environment. We continually train to prevent unsafe conditions and hold each other accountable. 


Transparent, proactive communication is at the heart of our customer service and what makes our operations successful.


Team Work

We focus on building trust-based relationships and establishing win-win partnerships through engagement, excellence, ethics


We’re committed to having socially responsible practices that exceed environmental standards and help our clients meet their goals.


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