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Industries Served

We specialize in processing catalysts for a world-class roster of clients in the following industries and accept catalysts from a variety of applications:

Our Catalyst Recycling Process


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With over four decades of recycling knowledge and experience, our team of experts evaluate your waste to determine the most efficient means of reclamation. 


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We evaluate your material and provide flexible solutions to meet your catalyst recycling requirements. Our team is here to resolve your challenges.  



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We provide analytical, processing, logistics, and environmental documentation to manage your materials. 

Your trusted partner for Material Recovery, recycling, and management

The Amlon Group has over four decades of experience helping Fortune 500 companies and multinational corporations manage their material byproducts in an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way.

We offer recycling, reclamation, and disposal services to meet the highest demands of your business. 

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