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Amlon's Growth: Acquisition of EcoWerks Signals Expansion and Enhanced Processing Capabilities

In a move that promises to bolster its processing capabilities and scale, Amlon Holdings, LLCGroup (“Amlon”) has announced its acquisition of EcoWater Industries, LLC (“EcoWerks”). Situated in the heart of Port Arthur, Texas, EcoWerks stands as an industrial waste-to-value processor, specializing in a spectrum of services including wastewater treatment, industrial equipment cleanout, and oil recovery. The acquisition marks a significant milestone in Amlon's strategic roadmap, positioning the company to cater to a broader array of client needs while cementing its commitment to sustainable waste management practices.

Mark Wayne, Chief Executive Officer of Amlon, expressed his enthusiasm about the integration of EcoWerks into the Amlon family, emphasizing the newfound potential it brings. "We are excited for EcoWerks to join the Amlon team," he stated. "Our expanded processing capabilities, increased capacity, permits, and resources will help better serve each of our respective customers and support future growth."

The sentiment was echoed by Demetrios Dounis, Partner at Heartwood Partners, who highlighted the strategic significance of the acquisition. "We are pleased to support Amlon with this strategic acquisition," he remarked. "The acquisition of EcoWerks will help fuel Amlon’s continued mission to provide a broad selection of best-in-class waste processing services that are sustainable and environmentally friendly."

Indeed, the consolidation of Amlon and EcoWerks represents more than just a business transaction; it signifies a step forward in the pursuit of innovative, eco-conscious solutions to waste management challenges. By harnessing synergies between the two entities, Amlon aims to not only streamline operations but also drive advancements in waste-to-value processing, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

As Amlon embarks on this new chapter of growth and expansion, the acquisition of EcoWerks serves as a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.


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