Liquids Processing


How We Do It

We employ a wide range of specialized equipment, including indirect Thermal Desorption Units and centrifuges, to separate and transform what was once waste material into reclaimable assets, renewable energy, and non-hazardous solids.

These liquid byproducts are treated and managed into clean oil and catalysts, recovered metals and reusable solids, and treated water.

Process & Materials

Our innovative reclamation technologies are changing the way oil refineries process materials without onsite disposal or incineration.


Liquids Processing:
Cost Effective and Environmentally Sound

The Amlon Group's industrial liquids reclamation division is focused on recovering, recycling, and reusing materials historically challenging to manage. We provide energy processors and other industries with the best alternative to disposing of these dangerous waste materials in our precious water streams.

Our mission is to help you and to help our planet by ensuring the environmental disposal of oil, sludge, and other industrial waste.  


How The Amlon Group Can Help

Our full-service firm will remove, haul, and responsibly manage waste materials, no matter where your company is in the world.


Working Today For Tomorrow's Environment


Our top priority is safeguarding our employees, customers, partners, and the environment. We continually train to prevent unsafe conditions and hold each other accountable. 


Transparent, proactive communication is at the heart of our customer service and what makes our operations successful.


Team Work

We focus on building trust-based relationships and establishing win-win partnerships through engagement, excellence, ethics


We’re committed to having socially responsible practices that exceed environmental standards and help our clients meet their goals.


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